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At Mentorjam we know that 'mentoring' is the ultimate way to share experience within organizations and communities, and here's why: everyone who holds some experience loves to share it. This 'love' part shouldn't be taken lightly, because it's the essential preconditioned for causing the magical spark between mentor and mentee, leading to an inspiring connection. 

This way, a trusted relationship between mentor and mentee is established, in which the mentor can provide the right amount of guidance that will boost the mentee's confidence: they can do it. This completely falls in line with 'experiential learning', something that all educational psychologists agree on to work best for experience sharing and learning.

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Julian Roux-Stevens
Co-Founder, CTO
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Co-Founder, COO
Bas Rogaar
Co-Founder, CEO
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"We believe that mentoring is key to improve the lives of many, to unlock potential within business and to bring our societies forward. This is why we are proud to support an ever-increasing amount of organizations to facilitate the process of sharing experience through heartfelt human connections."

Bas Rogaar
CEO, Mentorjam

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